Logan Lake Video and Books


Special Offer Description: Shop on-line like normal, then at the check out pick “Pay at Retail Store” or “Pay in Person”. We’ll pull your order and prep it for pick-up. When you pick-up / pay 10% will come off you pretax total. If there is another sale running you get both deals! Click here for the web site.  Wildfire Cruisers! Show us your “sweet” ride and we’ll pay the tax on any fudge or popcorn you buy from our Sweet Spot.

You’ll find us at 61-111 Chartrand Ave. Logan Lake, BC  Wildfire Cruisers! Think about following the “road less travelled” on your way in or out of the Wildfire Recovery Cruise. Circle routes and byways are better than highways!

Tina writes, “Logan Lake was hit with the loss of tourism (in 2017) but we weren’t evacuated, so we don’t qualify for government help. I hope you are sharing this idea with other clubs. Even if they only stop for gas and meals it’s a big help to the local communities. In past years when the Harley ride comes through, the restaurant they stop at gets a huge boost, which in turn helps the town.”