We invite all classic cars and cycles to the  “Rendezvous” picnic in the Williams Lake Stampede Park on Sunday July 8 from 10:00 until 2:00. And cross the street to the 4th Annual Chuck’s Auto Supply show and shine!

This site welcomes you to the Hwy. 97 Wildfire Recovery Cruise and invites you to visit the Ashcroft to Williams Lake to Quesnel region July 8 – 15, 2018. Click here for the Wildfire Recovery Cruise Poster.

Why? It’s the one year anniversary of the devastating wildfires that rolled through the area in 2017. In addition to the immediate impact of the fires, communities were cut off for 5 and more weeks during the peak tourism economic season.

The communities are recovering but the economic impacts on people and businesses linger.

Stop the presses! What? We have to tell you, every time we turn around there’s more fun in the Cariboo. If you want to arrive early, consider the Williams Lake Stampede on the previous weekend, June 29th to July 2. On July 8 in Williams Lake you will also find Chuck’s Auto Supply car show across the street from the Stampede Park rendezvous. The following weekend is the Hot July Nights car show weekend in 100 Mile House. And then think about Billy Barker Days in Quesnel July 19 to 22!

VI Cruises classic car group was in Williams Lake on the day before the fires started in 2017. We drove through Cache Ck. and Clinton, 100 Mile, Williams Lake and Quesnel as the fires came down from the hills. Now we plan to go there again in 2018 to spend some time with friends and some money in local businesses. We also plan to invite as many classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts as we can find, to also attend.

“This is a onetime occasion and it’s pretty casual.  We hope you gather your friends, create a cruise that suits you and join 1000’s of other Classic & Vintage Car and Motorcycle enthusiasts on the Wildfire Corridor. Stay a night or stay a few nights and support the businesses in the Wildfire Corridor.  There are lots of events for you to consider like the  “Rendezvous” picnic in the Williams Lake Stampede Park on Sunday July 8 from 10:00 until 2:00, the Chuck’s Auto Supply car show also on Sunday July 8 and the 100 Mile House “Hot July Nights” show and shine on July 13, 14 and 15. Then if you stay in the region, head up to Quesnel for Billy Barker Days July 19 to 22. If you can’t make Williams Lake, make sure you take in Hot July Nights! These folks had to cancel last year’s show on short notice because of the fires, so they would sure like to see you there this year! And Billy Barker Days – Quesnel knows how to throw a party. Explore the region and the towns, take your time and drop in at businesses which have identified themselves as Cruiser or Cycle rider friendly.”

Local businesses – if you want to make a special offer available to classic car cruisers or motorcycle cruisers in your neighbourhood in July, visit our “Let’s Make a Deal” page with the details and we’ll post it for free on the “Deals for Wheels“.

Want to know when there’s a new business offer for the Cruise? Click on the “Get New Notices” option on the right hand page margin to stay up to date.

Let’s fill Hwy 97 with classic cars, trucks and cycles. All week long.